Land assessment

It will be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Yet, a surprising number of people will buy property effectively blind.

We can help you decide with confidence, with eyes wide open to wonderful potentials, and potential pitfalls, and hidden wealth that can be unlocked.

So what should you think about when purchasing a property?

Soil types? Water catchment and resources? Slope? Aspect? Geology? Wind exposure? Frost? Fire risks? Existing buildings and infrastructure? The natural capital? Proximity to services? Local regulations? Local culture and people?

Yes, yes and yes again.  All these things, and more.

To help you create a resilient, beautiful, productive landscape — one that fits your vision and lifestyle and what you want out of life, we also take time to listen.

We have years of experience in reading landscape, as well as using holistic decision making to tune into needs of our clients. This makes us uniquely placed to help you turn the biggest decision in your life, into the best decision of your life.

You can trust us to tell you what we see and think plainly since we work only for our clients and not real estate agents nor vendors.

Prices start from as little as $950 for an on-site walk and talk.

Contact us to arrange an appointment.