holistic decision making

When making a major decision, it can be a chance to reflect and articulate what we really want out of life. In businesses and families, acknowledging differences – and learning to accomodate them – can be just as significant as commonalities.

The word ‘holistic’ is one that’s been co-opted, but bare with us here.  In our business and personal lives we owe a great debt to the work of ecologist Allan Savory who developed the Holistic Management framework for decision making, initially to help farmers.

We’ve been experimenting with ways of re-imagining his work into a more approachable system – one that helps us (and our course participants and clients) tap into what really makes us shine, and steer our lives towards our deepest goals.

We’re experienced facilitators in helping you articulate your goals and work towards them.  Whether you hear the name or not, a certain amount of holistic decision making thinking informs our property finding and land design processes.  We also offer personal training in it.

To find out more see Dan’s HolisticDecisionMaking.org or contact us to arrange a meeting.