Permaculture design

As designers have worked across the spectrum, from backyards and patios to farms and hundred million dollar projects.  We help people create resilient, beautiful and ecologically functional systems, where real wealth can be both stored and created.

Options and pricing

For house blocks you can check out the pricing at our Very Edible Gardens mother page. For small acreage and farms, contact us to discuss. Below are some tiers for acreage consultations.

Concept Design Consultancy

After tuning into your goals and context, and the nature of your piece of land, we offer a broad brush strokes design — a big picture vision of the land and your life on it. This is meatiest bit and the foundation of all future design work.  For most people it may be all they ever need to know that they’re working to a vision, one that they can figure out the details of as they go.

Adaptive Design Consultancy

The Adaptive Design Consultancy option is a longer process that allows us to make several visits to your site, and work with you to layout the design on the ground, in stages as the implementation progresses. We’re talking ropes and stakes, not just pens and pixels. Most importantly it involves ongoing communication and steering the process throughout the implementation.