Achintya and Bianca, Guildford

Thanks to working with Landed’s Nathan Edwards, Bianca and Acintya bought a beautiful block with productive volcanic soils in Guildford, and made the move from the city to raise their young family.  They are putting the finishing touches on their house, and are about to begin the landscaping.

We inadvertently spent over a decade looking at literally hundreds properties to complete the ‘forever-home’ picture. We wrestled for a solution to our changing needs; those of a growing family and desire to ultimately invest our energy into an inter-generational self-reliant asset and lifestyle.

A casual conversation with Nathan about our vision and challenges triggered his enthusiasm to go and investigate a property situated in an area he had flagged on local geological maps with potential. We jumped in the car and took a look. We bought the 18-acres two weeks later.

Years of personal theoretical appreciation of permaculture and natural farming systems consolidated in the presence of Nathan’s knowledge and enthusiasm of what he was drawing out of the property visit. It gave us confidence to pull the trigger and act.

Five years on now, we have made incredible inroads into our vision and experienced many of the exciting observations and prospects of that fateful day come to life. Purchasing land was a huge decision for us, but having a deep insight when we needed it, was the most valuable investment we have made to date.

~ Achintya Das and Bianca Weigard

Lisa and Michael Jackson, Yandoit Farm

We became involved in the 140 acre Yandoit Farm project (along the Jim Crow Creek in Central Victoria) after Lisa and Michael moved there in 2012.  Michael and Lisa are recovering urbanites with a passion for food, using land sustainably, beauty and a rich social life.

Drawing on the expertise of internationally acknowledged regenerative agriculture experts Darren Doherty and David Holmgren, we designed and project managed the implementation of a water harvesting road and dam storage system.