Author: adam

A young family puts down roots

In 2012 Landed’s Nathan Edwards helped Bianca and Acintya find a patch of rich volcanic soil where they could secure their wealth, build a resilient, abundant life for their family, and begin turning the bare paddock into a diverse farm enterprise and short-stay retreat.  They’re now a long way into creating that reality.

Here’s some of their reflections:

We inadvertently spent over a decade looking at literally hundreds properties to complete the ‘forever-home’ picture. We wrestled for a solution to our changing needs of a growing family and desire to ultimately invest our energy into an inter-generational self-reliant asset and lifestyle.

A casual conversation with Nathan about our vision and challenges triggered his enthusiasm to go and investigate a property situated in an area he had flagged on local geological maps with potential. We jumped in the car and took a look. We bought the 18-acres 2 weeks later.

Nathan’s knowledge and enthusiasm gave us confidence to pull the trigger and act.

5 years on now, we have made incredible inroads into our vision, and experienced many of the exciting observations and prospects of that fateful day come to life. Purchasing land was a huge decision for us, but having a deep insight when we needed it, was the most valuable investment we have made to date.

~ Acintya Das and Bianca Weigard

Here’s some photos from 2017.